By Rubbing 2 Stars Together

By Rubbing 2 Stars Together
by Dan Raphael
stars cant say
or have said
as the frequencies aspiral
as if toothed    persistent     unexpectedly beneficial
every roof must have a hole
you start with a smooth wall
adding chapters    floors    try this skin on for
tunneling in open air
what might this year bring or not
staircase clouds    cloud acoustics
what the sky would tell us about foods near future
she spins in her sleep and marks her waking direction
things cant go on like this
no matter how sealed    cold    distracted
remove all the clocks, set gravity traps at every junction of moisture and heat
where the sun cant shine
where the stars cant be heard
pressing my face into soil as deeply as possible
seeing without light     liberating dormant oxygen
a quantum vacuum absorbing all light
why must the wind bang as well as whistle and grind
chosen to rub together    to easily lift & land loudly    firmly
to jump and forget how to land
geographically zooming    a river the size of my vein
we mapped the micro-currents & wind pockets in the yard
the part of my skin most like equatoiral mars
a wall I could stand againt naked and be invisible
we got the slowest growingt carpet we could afford
when I go out of my house I go into a much bigger building
hardened fog    fog on steroids
big paddles on my hands to compress the fog to a sawable density
as we go in and out of visibility like a thread
invisible seams    creases more stable than mountain ranges
rivers cant run fast enough
vertical soil resistant to gravity and growth
friction keeps us together

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  1. Earthen, stellar, intuitive, and quest-filled. Usually i don’t care much for poems drawing from nature or where the person becomes ‘one with nature’, so to speak, …or just anything having to do with nature at all. But i got into this one and it fascinated me. i’m not sure if it was the outer space bits which lended toward a sci-fi ‘above it all’ sorta feel or the sleu of similes/metaphors, or the imaginative abstraction here–i loved it all. Good combos! i’m still laughing like hell at the pic btw! Anyways, i get a lot of impressions while reading this…like a newborn hashing out the natural laws of the universe taking baby steps and becoming a superman with the snap of the fingers and absorbing it all to become of it. I’m printing a copy of this for me to take to work and thru the night i’m gonna re-read it and just let more and more impressions soak in. Excellent piece!

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