Don't Hang Up

Don’t Hang Up
by Louie Crew
Don’t hang up,
I’m not a heckler.
I NEED your help
but I can’t tell you my name.
I’m in a phone booth
while mom buys groceries,
so I won’t take long.
I heard your talk show
and I’m scared. Last summer,
when I was just thirteen,
I balled with a guy
I met at the bus station.
Now I’ve got these purple spots
all down my stomach.
I drink five shakes a day
and I have lost fifteen pounds
in just three months!
I’m afraid to go to our doctor
cause he’s my dad.
He’d beat the shit out of me
for liking guys.
Can you tell me somebody else
to call?
Cripes! Here comes mom. Bye!

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  1. I laughed when I was reading this the first time and got to thinking about it and felt some remorse for the little guy. Odd how such a multitude of feelings are drummed up in a piece like this. I appreciated the flow and the sense of frantic urgency immediately transferred to the reader here–well-thought out! thx for sharing!

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