Metaphysics 101/Open Book Test

Metaphysics 101/Open Book Test
by Le Hinton
1. Do you always abbreviate et cetera? Why or y not?
2. If you owned a race horse, what would you name it? (Extra credit, 2 points) What about its twin frog?
3. What book would you read to a blind dog and what pictures would you show him? Please provide a coherent
rationale for your answer.
4. What is wrong with your picture? Please provide examples.
5. What have you done? Please show your work.
6. What would you do if you woke up with someone else’s smile? Return it or keep it? Please explain. Use additional sheets of paper, if needed.)
7 If you were down to your last $100, would you
a. buy a huge bag of potato chips?
b. give it to your neighborhood pirate?
c. buy books by Tracy K. Smith?
d. create a 300 piece puzzle?
8. Should you pull the trigger or safely return the weapon to the drawer?
9. Which word best describes your life?
a. emulsified
b. limp
c. queasy
d. zippy
10. What should you have done?

0 thoughts on “Metaphysics 101/Open Book Test

  1. 1. yes, & because
    2. Jerry
    3. The Adventures of Tommy Twittermouse
    4. Its horizontal adjustment is on the blink
    5. Not a damn thing
    6. Keep it
    7. none of the above
    8. neither
    9. emulsified
    10. explain my answers and/or show my work

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