A Sensuous Moment

A Sensuous Moment
by JR Alonso
From behind the counter, she asked me if I wanted a sample. It took me five seconds to realize she meant the hot pocket sandwich she had just baked. I took the bite-sized morsel of sourdough bread stuffed with ham and provolone cheese. As I chewed it, I looked her over and devoured her honey-spun blonde hair, caramel-colored eyes, creamy complexion, and her slender body. I said it was delicious. She blushed. I ordered a cafe con leche. She told me to come back soon. I didn’t. It would have ruined that moment. It was the most sensuous meal I have ever had.

0 thoughts on “A Sensuous Moment

  1. Very enjoyable and thought provoking & as I’m English that’s a real compliment.
    I’d have gone back,taken some shellfish and ruined the moment.
    Good Man.

  2. Nicely done. I think flash fiction is particularly suited to capturing this kind of moment; it happens in a moment but you remember it for a long time. Kinda like your story. Right on!

    1. Thank you. Flash Fiction forces the writer to get to the point as quickly as possible. I agree. This type of story writing is great for capturing a moment and filling it with impact.

  3. Masterfully rendered! Loved the dual meaning–funny yet wrapped up in ‘life-truth’ at the end. Moments can be preserved in memory–or they can be ‘ruined’, as you say. good one!

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