Review of Night Beats / UFO Club 10" Split.

Austin music veterans Night Beats, and dynamic new comers The UFO Club released a 10″ split on The Reverberation Appreciation Society record label. For those of you unfamiliar with a “split” record it simply means one side of the record represents each band.
Here’s what Kristin Berry has to say about this album:
“Made up of Lee Blackwell of Night Beats and the Black Angels’ guitarist Christian Bland, the UFO Club side delivers four tracks of great psychedelic rock and roll inspired by greats like the 13th Floor Elevators and the Velvet Underground. “Wolfman” is down ‘n’ dirty fun, and you even get a sweet cover of the Ronettes’ “Be My Baby.” Carrying on the same set of psychedelic influences, “Hex” starts off the Night Beats side, immediately grabbing your attention with Blackwell’s soulful vocals and ripping guitar riffs. Basically, if you play anything from this band loud enough, you’d better plan on redecorating because the guitar sounds will peel the paint right off your wall. “A Night With Nefertiti” cools it down before launching into the head-bobbing “Drowning in the Nile,” which sounds especially great thanks to the blistering harmonica parts.”
Here’s what Davves says about this album:
“The opener, My Love is Waiting, hops along with 12-string leads and Blackwell’s raspy voice urging us along before we’re taken to another planet by a tremolo’d aural assault of guitars. Wanna hear something rad as hell? They cover the Ronettes classic, Be My Baby. Yea. Totally into these tracks they’ve dished out for us. Next, Night Beats come on with their groovy, sloppy, psychedelia. Night Beats killed it with their H-Bomb EP last year, and I’ve eagerly been awaiting another release from them. Things start off a little slow with the quick, dragging hit, A Night With Nefertiti, but they pick it right up with their next track, Hex. Rolling Stones-esque killer guitar licks, vicious guitar solos, and the ever intriguing vocal melodies of Lee Blackwell. Everything I love about Night Beats. He very well may have one of the coolest voices in the scene right now, and tracks like this one highlight his talent.”
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  1. That ‘Wolfman’ is crazy! Love the vocals especially on that track. ‘Drowning in the Nile’–beaty rockin’ slow-drag!Sure wish i lived closer to Austin to check these guys out. Awesome reviews!

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