the great puritan migration suddenly reoccurs

the great puritan migration suddenly reoccurs
by Travis Catsull
i lean back into a misting fan
and upgrade to leather
into my own thoughts
into root
the arrival of the pilgrims
the war of independence
then ghostly apparitions from another realm
or at least
it seems to go in that order
this huge cut on my hand
finally starts to scab over
i’m gapping plugs
in the sun
as the dog kills another frog
the clothes dry
under overcast clouds
as i walk over to my neighbors
ask him
can she give me a ride
that way
to the liquor store
it ain’t that far

0 thoughts on “the great puritan migration suddenly reoccurs

  1. It’s good to see your writing.
    “i lean back into a misting fan
    and upgrade to leather
    into my own thoughts
    into root…”
    “…i’m gapping plugs
    in the sun…”
    well-worded. i liked how at the end of the piece you do your own ‘migration’ in juxtaposition to time/space with the Puritans at the beginning. What compels us to wander, to move, to seek out, to get away from, to find? I give you the scarlet H & H letter of the month (for your leather). lol. thx.

  2. Thanks for the compliment(s) Quasi. I’m cleaning up an old body of work from 5 or so years ago and I typically select the C+, B grade poems from the collection to send out / test out here or there. See what’s going on with them in the current temp.
    I appreciate the comment. I’m a fan of your work / insightful comments.

  3. cool. i’d love to catch a reading of yours if you compile another chap. i had an idea the other day for a ‘click option’ in the submission process–one for ‘just sharing’ and the other for ‘seeking constructive critique’ (or some such). i know there’s prolly a lot out there who’d like to hone their craft and get a ‘creative writing class’ sorta response. i’m not all that good in this area (and budded in a few times swinging interpretation the other way when i shouldn’t have), mostly i like just seeing the ‘poetry as a support group for life’ side of it. But Cloyd and some others would be pretty good sounding boards. Don’t know if anyone would use that option or if it could be done or if it’d be even worthwhile. It was just something floating in my head.
    gonna try to work a shorter more concrete style with my own stuff this year and see how it goes. nice chattin’. If yaw ever come up to Stephenville to check out the country music in the ‘cowboy capital of the world’ (lol), drop by for a beer. later

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