Word Graffiti from Central Mexico

Word Graffiti from Central Mexico
By Dan Hedges
Between alpha-thoughts,
Warhol sucks limes,
where Pontiac and derivatives of art-freedom,
Baroque patterns of chaos and free will,
march (loyally) to the array of micro-trumpets;
so as to live with words once again.
Bio-chemical mindscapes,
known as songs to the self,
obtain merit badges (Allende was a Scout too).
‘Allouette’ the hopeful derivatives,
of gallery momentum,
or reverse migrate where required,
to a new ritual of orange.
Carriage of Aztecan brass shapes,
un-art that ‘old thing’,
and caffeine ‘some something’,
in the meantime.
The manuscript aims to debunk,
grammarian sticklers and bonehead Lords of the ‘art-world’,
word-worlds away.
Quantum cliche hipsters take un-ironic geometry sets,
to angle-find America,
where crows and Eden un-spawn the metaphysical,
to infinity.
Triangulate the set-list,
for bushy tailed humanimals,
and orphans of field-guide aesthetics;
Tree-diagrams set forth the monster conundrum,
where hummingbirds quelling,
quill squirching non-sense.

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  1. This would be an especially good spoken-word piece! I love the attention to sound and i was very captivated by the word choice which birthed arrangement and aroma of visual images and ideas in my head.
    I was also fascinated by how the author interweaves themes/metaphors of Art, Mexico, and Physics. And how could i miss the portmanteua–‘humanimals’. Very good style! i enjoyed the read. thx.

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