A Word That Starts With S~

A Word That Starts With S~
by Dayna Samuels
he’s walking
treading quickly
towards the big oak tree
where she said she’s meet him
there’s a smile on his face
a little velvet box in his pocket
and a single red rose
clutched in his sweaty palm
he’s tripping over his own feet
his heart is fluttering a million miles an hour
each quick breath brings no relief
to his gasping lungs
all of his thoughts are of her face
he takes out the box
examines its contents
a little silver band
making sure it’s worth
the life-long commitment
he’s asking for
then he sees his earth-bound goddess
she’s wearing that dress
the one she knew he favored
with the barely long enough black tulle skirt
patchwork corset hugging her torso
lace bust hardly covering her white breasts
her eyes she had painted like an egyptian queen
her lips were their usual pale flush
her nails polished black
along with her dainty toes
dampened by the grasses dew
yet with her beauty enchanting him
despair ran through him
with every second his eyes witnessed
what lie before him
atop her ancient locket
ran a thick brown noose
tangled in her auburn curls
her mouth hung ajar
green eyes stared blankly into nothingness
feet danced in the wind
just inches from the ground
the box drops from his hand
ring bouncing out
as his knees sink down
and his grip on the rose loosens
tears stream from his eyes
still locked on her corpse
mind searching for an explanation
a sign of her pain
he moans and sobs to his dead lover
screaming and crying
as his eyes lower to a small folded piece of paper
beneath her
splattered with drops of blood
‘Don’t follow me. Live, my love.’
only ‘No’ comes to his mind
as his hands and eyes shoot upward
at her slashed wrist
still flowing crimson
he pulls the razor out
against the suction of her veins
cringing with every small tug
until it is free
he rolls the horrid piece of metal in his palm
and small red nicks begin to appear
tears of anger come with those of grief
then he holds the blade to his neck
and takes a deep breath
knowing that it is his last

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  1. A bit melodramatic, but nonetheless enjoyable. I don’t quite understand why the guy’s killing himself though. The way I’ve always looked at suicide is that you’re gonna die someday anyways, so why bother? But that’s just me.

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