Relaxation Lab 101

Relaxation Lab 101
by DIY Danna
Organic chemistry explodes in a hand!
Another high school hormone tragedy?
A student passes the time day dreaming in lab
when the compounds in class don’t cause
the caustic reaction he wanted more than beer.
His lab partner never showed up
and the teacher gave them an “incomplete”.
He made acid then dropped out of school.
What makes a perfect cocktail?
The bartender is a chemistry student who hated lab
but now loves to see people combine and react
in the most fascinating and deranged ways:
women staring through foggy air molecules
at other women, with envy and lust,
men getting too close to climaxing
in a pleasant conversation.
He’s thinking about having sex in a hammock,
tied to nature’s stripper poles in the backyard.
The rustling leaves give him a rush
as you are circling  faster and faster,
getting him to relax with soothing soprano words:
“No, really, shut the fuck up. ”
And you blow up the lab together,
the teacher’s grade book in ashes.

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