iTunes U offers free courses for writers / readers.

Earlier this year, Apple unveiled iTunes U, a vast collection of free courses to download for Apple devices.
Whether you’re taking a European history course in your spare time, learning Spanish in high school, or majoring in molecular biology at a university, you now have a powerful tool to help you get the most out of your classes. The new iTunes U app expands the classroom experience by putting all the materials for a course — audio and video, new iBooks textbooks for iPad and other books, a syllabus and class assignments, posts from the instructor, PDFs, presentations, and more — just a tap away on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.
10 Free iTunes U Courses for Writers & Readers
1. New Mexico State’s Mythology Course
2. Open University’s Creative Writing Course
3. Washington College’s The Tolkien Professor Course
4. Oxford University’s Approaching Shakespeare Course
5. Liberty University’s Composition & Rhetoric Course
6. Open University’s Start Writing Fiction Course
7. Oxford University’s Tolkien at Oxford Course
8. Stanford University’s Literature of Crisis Course
9. Missouri State University’s Knights & Maidens Literature Course
10. University of Alabama’s Zombies! The Living Dead in Literature Course

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