by Susan Keiser
I keep this skirt for practice, ankle-swirled, worried
by a pup who chases dancing hems by firelight
no fierce rhythm gone wasted in the transience
bowforce violin-strung shrieks in see/saw counterpoint
to train sighs in darkness
these are my coded expressions
I keep deep sky objects in my mind

0 thoughts on “Travelers

  1. I dug this poetic blitzkrieg of romantic imagery and the emotional expressiveness of a strong feminine persona. I especially was impressed by the ‘linguistic analysis’ style of visual poetry with altering meanings in line 7–neat how we can get so many different meanings/concepts from words and their many forms.I think the skirt was a long one (“ankle swirled”) as opposed to the mini depicted in pic though…lol. I look forward to reading more from this author! thx for sharing!
    Word from poem: ‘Transience’ means “passing with time or is the state of being brief and short-lived.”

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