I Don't Know

I Don’t Know
by Liam Hanninen
Rob be not crazy
~Is anyone there~
He be locked in his room
~Just shout If you can hear me~
He be looking for something
~It’s ok~
Sometimes he come close
~Maybe it’s nothing~
Sometimes it seem very distance
~Maybe you’re nothing!~
The reason Rob have such a difficult time finding this
~Today in the news a recent study shows a drastic increase in elderly being placed in ‘homes’. The recent increase is a likely result of lower income for middle class families, both parents working, and kids that don‘t want to share their room with grandpa. In other news, law makers said that they will stop the rising…~
Be that it already be in your hands

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    1. Very true. It comes off as kind of whimsical at first, and then the ending ties the initial wierdness with a fact that is satifying yet still a bit equivocating. Just a bit. Very nicely done.

  1. Thanks cloyd, My grandpa is still living at his own home and I think soon he will come live with us. It is something I look forward to but know it will change a lot of things around here. Thanks H&H for the publication!

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