Hello Hello Hello

Hello Hello Hello
by Pat A Physics
Seeping through my heart is a sick propensity to want you in lust.
It can never be. The public disgrace would ruin my life, and now
I see you everywhere. I draw disturbing pictures of us clinging
to each other in the most elaborate positions. These things are
better in secret they say, however my burning desire causes me to
think of ways to communicate with you. I send you a signal over
the mountain using my flame thrower. I set a small trap in your
orchard, so you may get the message through a snagged rabbit. I
sabotage your nemesis’ entry into the cook off with a dose of milk
of magnesia. When our families play croquet together, I tie a
small pink ribbon around your stick. I am getting too close, the
game is almost up when you look in my direction. But you just
put the ribbon in your hair. And later, you ask if I could maybe
stay the night over at your house. Of course, I simply ask what
your mother is making for dinner. And you say escargot with a side
of asparagus. Can you please make it? This night could never happen.
The world is uneven, uneven, uneven. I am so slipshod, I make no
time for myself. My trousers are backward, my breath stinks, my
underwear has a tread mark, my hair is in a pile, no more deodorant,
no more clean clothes, no more hot water, and no more youth. How
do you get into a car, drive to a house with people in it, and
explain what you want to do to. Impossible. Now I arrive at your
house, oh stop stop! Next, I walk up your driveway, ouch! Then,
I ring your door bell, oh yes! Oh yes! I’m going to ring your
doorbell, again. And again. You answer the door.  Hello! Hello! Hello!

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