Go Went Gone

Go Went Gone
by Matt Ronquillo
To the shrieking eeriness of a pipesong,
I’ve transported from a pivotal point in the past
into water falling. I’m Xing you onto a timeline
to represent that point you’ll make later,
calling me Crispy Crisperson and giggling from the bed
while I warily settle power cords into crackling, sparking outlets.
And later when the electricity settles,
us discovering a Tarantino-written film
is unexpectedly linking what’s coursing through our
underlying, most viciously devoted sides.
I show you, through the charge, my wings of paranoia.
They flutter when we’re silenced by the lovers dragged to prison.
I’m leaving soon. This bed, and Indonesia.
Under the sparkling water running, the past progresses perfect.
I’m in between my two Xs,
the one’s we get designated when the planet shuts us up.
I make invisible pinpoints.
I nudge away
the empty tequila bottle stopper
and soapy, swirling water pushes down, for now, an
all-relentless prophet rising from down the wreaking drain.

0 thoughts on “Go Went Gone

  1. Holy fucksickle catamaran man! You’re the contemporary Candide relating worldly exploits of the Pacific grandiose and intrinsic!
    ‘Go Went Gone’ is a select time-induced trinity expressing that fine stamp of detail from the perspective of a unique personal experience and fleshed out in 3 ironic stanzas purporting the essence of “in”, “out”, and “between”. I dug the Tarantino and tequilla and will be chasing this poem with easy mermaids traversing the 7 seas of my meandering mind.
    Thanks for the guts!
    P.S. Check out Takashi Mike’s ’13 Assasins’ sometime, you might like.

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