by Sarah Anne Stinnett
Number of students: 4,131
Number that is male: 71
I am like the Green-Cheeked Parrot
smuggled into our American cages from Mexico,
endangered species # 9
I am a rare female specimen
in the cages of Berklee,
Berklee College of Dudes.
“Yo Dude!”
I aint no dude, home fry.
Kilts flew out of style with Green-Cheeky
before we clipped their wings.
You all sneaky,
thinkin’ I wouldn’t notice you
noticing me
wearing a skirt.
President Roger Brown says,
“I will present a report on the state of the college.”
it’s dire. It’s desperate,
I’m separate
from the other chicks in the coop.
Hear it from my mouth
I’m flying south.

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