In Our Insular

In Our Insular
by Barin Darnew
Beneath each layer, our antagonist strives to protect himself from exposure to the obnoxious miasma of Pollyannaism. There was once a protective element perceivable by sight alone, but this deranged barrier no longer functions and has ceased to exist altogether. Before the blanket had become apparent, a colossal fortification built by an earlier bipedal species confidently collected each contemptuous contemplation for cold-storage. This repository of disgust burrowed itself deep into superstitious places and remained incognito for several aeons- specifically, seven eras. However long in time it was, it took a long time indeed for our antagonist to be informed of the betrayal. With hands tightly clasped, he prayed for an impenetrable armament to make itself apparent. On the eleventh day, his wish was granted. A divine messenger lowered herself gently and gracefully from a beautiful golden ceiling of glistening crystals and softly spoke directly into his ear canal:
From the middle of the universe
Destined from a deplorable distance
An unfathomable organism has organized your position
While the Earth is plainly at fault
And its people routinely insult
Faith in a fiction is the only result
This sphere of design may appear quite benign
But a choice to be made which you’ll ultimately find
Will uplift like a fog
And a place in your mind will awaken
All figures will cease
Your tears will be taken
Now is the time to reverse those bad thoughts
Now is the time to replace all you’ve lost
Now is the time to emerge from the depths
Now is the time to diverge at all costs
Tomorrow I will not come again
The next day will begin all the same
In two years your friends will have forgotten your name
In ten years you’ll realize that you were to blame
Now is the time to morph into man
Now more than ever be released from the sand
Always alert yourself of your errs
Never again will you be so secure
A region of hope lies just over there
This region of hope is not always bare
If ever again you call out to Me
Make sure it is something
Or you’ll cease to be

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