maybe next week

maybe next week
by Oscar Smiles
i find it so strange
how everytime
i go to fuckin blockbuster
the movie that i’m
looking for
doesn’t come out till
next week
i guess i
should start calling them
in advance
tonight i
decided to eat some
pork and beans
and i
sliced up some
eight pieces of bologna
to go with it
what a horrible idea
i cramped up
and decided to
light up a cigarette
and go to the restroom
a cigarette always
helps the process
then the goddamn phone
started ringing
and it made it
even worse
that sonofabitch prickteaser
i can’t stand it
i don’t know if
it’s the ring
the talking or what
and then it beeps
cause they’ve left
a voicemail
i cringe
i don’t even listen sometimes
i run some water
and hold the phone
up to it till i
think that it’s over
then i erase it
you have to press 7
i stopped trying to
make the words
in my sentences
come out to
an even number
the holes in my
belt keep adding up
sitting down wasn’t
as hard as i
thought it was going to be
i just got up
and then i sat down
i forgot what the fuck it was
i did when i got up
five minutes later
i still can’t fucking remember
what’s wrong with me
i need help
and/or heroin
never had it
just always thought
i needed it

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