by Cerebella
useless blood inside
my soundless space
strictly vibrations
bouncing back
alien gestures.
i like it
when earthlings remind me
of myself. my
brakes are full of cautious
thought here.
what exists
what doesn’t exist
who the hell cares.
fingers twitch. vitamin
deficiency depletes
me decidedly. inability
to move.
petit mal
grand mal
hooked on such archaics.
born again
now is
purgatories test for us all.
i’ve had enough. i proclaim
this, bombed on a birthday.
legs asleep.
faceplanting the pavement.

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  1. oh weird. i was just editing the original of this and putting it on my tumblr so i came here to see if there were any lines that needed to be added, and you published it. that was very suprising. : P i appreciate it and am flattered as usual…

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