to hear tell

to hear tell
by Halifax
comings and goings
The horse shoes pointed toward the horse
all four seemed determined that they knew him
wiry nails jutted out between bits of manure
whatever the situation clearly there was history
now the house, mind you, was just standing there
the smoke stack twisted toward heaven cursing
it’s spindly shadow pointed a dumb forefinger
at the muddy prints left all over the clean lawn
there was going to be some hell to pay for sure
so anyways, there I’m sitting mind my own business
just rocking in the stolen chair like it was mine
those horse shoes must not have noticed me, I guess
the divots churned from the thatch looked luckless
Horse, not mine by the way, gave them the stink eye
this seemed to appease them because off they trotted
back from where they came taking his wicked gaze away
it was a levied tax I suppose for having carried him
a red hand pump faucet leaked liked a hopping puppy
until the ground was soaked and the grass rejoiced
ticker tape flies spread news that the tax shoes left
the horse looked for somewhere blue to nicker and stew
me, I just counted teeth like blessings left alone

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  1. What a fine example in the use of colloquialism, slang, equine jargon, and regiolect! This descriptive narrative had me rearing to go with its attention to phonology, structure, and the famous playful yet grave middlebrow tone of which the author has championed.
    While reading, I wondered if the piece might be allegorical but figured in the end its splendid imagery lent to a more pragmatic surrealism. Perhaps with further examination and rumination, I shall discover new outlooks and perspectives. I feel as though I’ve been riding through the desert on a horse with no name that I tried to lead to water by talking horse-sense but somehow put the cart before the horse which killed it so I kicked it and when the cold of night set in I filleted it with my lightsabre and found warmth in the guts till I could drag it to the glue factory the next day–all due the fact I mounted from the wrong side! lol.
    “me, I just counted teeth like blessings left alone”–gotta love an italicized clencher thru the bridle! Well done sir! Now I’m a satyr!

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