Honeyed Words, Voice of the Tempter

Honeyed Words, Voice of the Tempter
by Brian Anthony Hardie
Coffee couches surf the denim
Plague sorcerers of belonging and
Forgotten brain waves. Ticking
A reggae slumber in an
Erie state of malicious
Pondering, deep in an Oregon
Hearing you, inner void, is
Not a life to interpret.
Silk lives drain human
Nerves while the sirens soundscape
My palms.
They hold a dialect starving
For comfort in an accent treasured
By sin.
Truth subverts through whips
And dull spikes. Light moments
Intriguing the past. Hollow trees
Savoring the lie, strumming the
Eyes of anger pending rage under
Your cruel sky.
Is such wind the grief of
Romance? And
Why such a burn in the ache
Of his heart?
Madness scattered black pedals
On the gates of his intimate
Garden. Ending with a
Melody sung flat.

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