bag of cheetos lojack

bag of cheetos lojack
by shon.25
a leaf
for you a leaf
is all
a ball
of clay from which
each finger
makes itself
pointing at a leaf
as it falls
its form happens
in the spin
without regard
to the atoms within
a leaf lets you
on cross
where puddles pool
without property
spontaneously sex
lint trap licker
and a bag of cheetos
took 99 east downtown
off the map
the basement acres withered
without scissors
never got mentioned again
bag of cheetos and other liberties revised billboards
towards retirement
spent candles pleading
please text money and love
you were right about the weather vane
it just keeps spinning
forever a part of Hank’s synecdochectomy
feet piled with hands
legs in an X
eyeballs in jars
transparent jars
buried in the woods
under the
I left you
a leaf

0 thoughts on “bag of cheetos lojack

  1. I forgot what ‘lojack’ was so i looked it up–Lojack: “The LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System is an aftermarket vehicle tracking system that allows vehicles to be tracked by police, with the aim of recovering them in case of theft. The manufacturer claims a 90% recovery rate.The name “LoJack” was coined to be the “antithesis of hijack”, wherein “hijack” refers to the theft of a vehicle through force.” –Wikipedia–
    I like the idea put use to a bag of cheetos. The poem’s beginning takes a sort of ‘caught in the moment’ naturalist’s transcendence and then switches to the urban, modern, personal and confessional and then ended with a return to the quiet rural beginning–that kept my attention and intrigued me–compelling twist!

    1. Accurate as usual Quasi. I have to say, I always enjoy reading your comments on poetry posted at H&H as they often give me insight into parts of the poem I hadn’t fully appreciated.
      The bag of cheetos lojack image might deserve its own humorous bastard poem, there was a moment I almost took this one in a slapstick direction but resisted and buried myself in leaves instead.
      Definitely taking a stroll in my transparent transcendentalist flip-flops for this one with a brief breakdown in the city on a cheetos run.

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