H&H writer releases first book.

On Breathing & Long Distance includes poems on sex and sarcasm, temerity and tenderness. The words within are both personal and universal, both intimate and brazen. Presented in eight different sections, the poems move from the ‘becoming’ of self through joy, dreams, the different stages of relationships, the fall from grace into sin, and circle around to the re-birthing or ‘dawn’ of the self. The poems vary in style and subject, yet all hold the essential flavor of words, punctuation, pacing and imagery that is essentially Beth. This book is in collaboration with the wonderful photographers: Alexandra Kirkilis at ixi.photography, Arielle Lewis-Zavala, Carla Vargas-Frank of the Bluebeard’s Daughters project, and Painter of the Painter Project.
About Beth.
Beth Cortez-Neavel has lived and played in Austin for over 20 years and has been writing for almost as long. She enjoys cooking, writing, sarcasm, good art and video games set on “easy.”
Beth is working toward a Master of Arts degree in Professional Journalism from the University of Texas at Austin. You can find more of Beth’s professional and creative work at www.bethcortez-neavel.com.
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