No Expectations

No Expectations
by Sara Beining
i want to breathe her hair, give a backwards hug, and not look at each other’s eyes, not in,
but down,
crouching down, small, cuddly,
and hiding from everything for a little while with no expectations and
smelling all that pain.
I would let her smell my pain, too.
We would be like wild creatures, wolves, or feral unicorns,
struggling to identify a fellow wolf or feral unicorn friend we lost long ago.
there might well be sparkles? (On the feral unicorn side.)
We would hide in simple sight inside an embrace,
shaping a secret we could only share at first by
the fierce exchange of radical atoms on a mission to rebuild;
firing rapidly in delight at finding the other half to complete the circuit.
“Now I’m recharged,” your atoms chirp to mine,
“Now my smile will touch my eyes again,” my atoms chirp to yours
“I love your honest smile,” your atoms chirp to mine,
“I always knew you were in there,” you speak,
startling me.
And I have to stop,
because I’m still so exhausted from getting it wrong.
But you see me, and it’s

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  1. A lot going on with this poem. It has what i call ‘girlie poetry’ that i love so much and which guys like myself just don’t think in these terms/modes. It puts me in touch with my feminine side letting these words seep into my apple core from teeth seething with awareness and feeling.
    Anyways, i’ll take my dress off and end the tea-cup party. I was fascinated with the wolves and feral unicorn comparisons–two animals vastly different a sleu of ways (although slyly and comically lumped into sameness with the addition of ‘feral’ before unicorn). Well done!
    I was blown away by the description mid-way thru the poem of ‘atom chirping’ and their dialogue of expression.
    Suffering and joy and self-forgiveness (?)–it smacks of real life! Thanks for sharing!

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