by Ivan Offski
madly efficient American diet
happily frequenting the drive-up window
a toast to billions and billions
not of stars.
frigid lakes, clamor of city streets
drowning bards warble National Anthems
the wind bitterly resists.
magnates of industry toast rich and storied tradition
twilit music canned in bright soda pop
cell phones plagiarize telepathy
the illicit neon pornography of night
and that one is out of here.

0 thoughts on “SPRING TRAINING

  1. Oh how the modern is so unnatural yet imitates and mocks as if it were…yearning like an adopted brat to fit in and be a genuinely real son of Gepetto.
    I appreciated the sentence fragments here blurting out honest epiphany as if from a dying breath. Impressive wordplay–i feel it!
    Thanks for sharing!

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