All airports around the country

All airports around the country
by Hanz Olsen
Daughters of the rest
remove shaved ice beads out of paper. A whole sky lopsided
way to live pretended home as soon away.
Earthquakes divide lunch.  I ‘ m  s t a y e d  i n  O’Claire. Lesser
napkins plant this time of year daughters of every detail.
Whole pods blanket a childhood book of wine. Below the meaning of
gorge I’ve discovered (at the site to dig)  I ‘ m  n o t  o n e
for job fairs.
“Pummeling Amy Gerber into the street, I grab at the sight of dig
used to climb. The shape of the couch directs reflection.
“People / part / people / part” strictness in game sense territory
sensing a state of fulfilling water porches. His arm “won’t away
an hour. On paper the deal was to watch. I came here alone,
a medium water paper mark. Combinations opted for approach
instead of the same house swing sharpening a sweeper of
small smooth parts.

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