Don't do that again!

Don’t do that again!
by Meghan Tennison
dropping beats, throwing drums
satisfiable hair style, generous critiques
thirty-eight thousand dollars, please
sure is windy out here
handshake transaction, foolish abstractions
swallow whole or suffer cranium abrasion
shoved into a tiny corner by myself,
how can i weasel my way out of this?
trapped in pleasure tantrums, leap of temptation
transcend cognition, muffled prison sentences
in the dirtiest bars, a secret is nude in this
barren landfill, mudslide cocktail
trapeze fumble, rapture artist
laid-back resonance awaiting trial&
error, error, error
routine precautions, additives may lead to
concentrated mania & backwards improvement
characterized by irrelevant inventions and
hypoallergenic pets, dancing trumpets
trombone tease, skeletal disease buffoonery
dizzy jostling of sensory emotions
real deal ovary jingle dangle
don’t you make plans?
aren’t you ever going to get anywhere?
where are you going now?
outside, so i can breathe.
oh god, what have you done now?
what if i fell off this rooftop?
who would save me from my mistakes?
why aren’t some things fixable,
manageable, consolable, bearable, justifiable?
we can do this, yes we can.

0 thoughts on “Don't do that again!

  1. my life is a series of pleasure tantrums. they grow increasingly violent and satisfying.
    i think you know what you’re doing with syllables & growling vowels.
    i like a motherfucker who knows what she’s doing.
    especially one who drops beats and counts the distance
    between a question
    and its answer.

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