Static Six

Static Six
by Pat A Physics
I caught myself staring into television snow and hoping for contact
with the supernatural world. I sat crosslegged in front of the monitor,
listening to the noise, wanting to decifer the whispering message.
Some sound from a trapped soul, snagging his sheet on the crest
of a high frequency sine wave, crying out in the shimmering chaos.
I picture a shattering stain glass window in slow motion, corpuscular
and stinging with colorful wingspan. Melted harmonicas dance amid
the diamond shaped fracas, an infinite number of syncronized hearts.
The bobbing of a gull’s head as it spots a school of fish boiling in
some remote body of water. My eyes burn with the radioactive
poisoning that oozes from the glass. Some coppery sensation,
blood and electricity, and now I can’t feel my legs, pins and needles.
I get up from where I was. My living room, bathed in the blue glow,
has a watery quality. I feel like I’m underwater. I hold my breath.

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  1. I like this, indeed. Who has not been so tired, too tired, in fact, to turn off the TV, get up and go to bed. –so tired that one is hypnotized into a dreamlike state where the images of this poem seem real. I’ve been that tired, but my images have not been that poetic! My favorite: Melted harmonicas dance…
    I find it facinating how some poets use the most unusual images. These images are definately not run-of-the-mill. I like that! I like that a lot! I read this looking forward to the next image and was not disappointed.

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