The Champagne Bathtub

The Champagne Bathtub
by Bill Wolak
In its most de luxe suite, Le Chabanais,
the most exclusive Parisian “maison de tolerance,”
offered the incomparable champagne bathtub–
a huge copper tub the front of which was decorated
with the naked torso and breasts of a woman
and the neck, head, and wings of a swan.
The champagne bath was celebrated as the pinnacle
of erotic aphrodisiacs, and praised also for its
salubrious, restorative, and rejuvenating qualities.
Lovers could either order the champagne bath
in advance at an appointed hour heated to the desired
temperature or enjoy emptying the pre-opened bottles
over each other as a form of frothy foreplay.

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  1. ahh hell. gotta try this! Exotic, erotic, and poetically narcissistic! I think i’d try both methods–ordered in advance with the rubber duckies and emptying pre-opened bottles in frothy foreplay. What really would be cool is if the bottles were unopened and lovers could get drunk and shoot the corks at one another–a little s & m involved with that though. I’m looking for a cheap knockoff of this tub at Home Depot!
    I loved this descriptive poem, sir! I will never think of bubble baths the same now!

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