Title (of opinion)

Title (of opinion)
by Kristopher Hall
I never thought it could look like this
but it does, our rebirth is not limited
to dollars, cents,
hang ups that drag us out
into temperamental
ejaculatory comas.
we can’t forget what made
the colors mix,
we can’t forget why we put
the fire out and ran toward beaches–
sand between our toes
and sun kissed necks
craning to get higher and higher
to kiss the sun back.
we can’t forget the astronauts
the cowboys,
the strippers,
the bedridden care bears
doing everything but anything
remotely real.
we can’t forget why we have tried.
we can’t forget that we have tried.
we’re all going to make it some day–
without the valet
or a wikipedia page.
we can’t forget that when we’re alone
we have to think
and then relinquish
all that makes us want to be alone.
Without the prayer
and with plenty
of human error.

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