Contemplation of the Navel

Contemplation of the Navel
by Sy Roth
Perhaps you hadn’t noticed
But there is someone out there
Contemplating his navel
As embarrassing as that action might be to me
I used a tape measure from the tip of my head
To the top of my navel
And from the bottom of my navel to my toes
As a starting point for my exploration
A labial promontory marks my body, I found
Planted there in my corpus center
Acting as a reminder of some cosmic fertility that had created me
Of having been tied to another being
Of having been nourished by a cocktail of juices
Sluicing through an umbilicus
That later sliced and diced after the first squalling breath caught
Then tied neatly in a comely bow
Until it blackened and the body shed it like just some rotting skin
To become my navel
A reminder of having once been an astronaut
Of having floated in deep space
Of being surrounded by the illogic of breathless cold
My Omphalos, middle kingdom marker
Screams links to humanity where all beings
Peristaltically cannonballed into the world
Tethered one last time to Gaia
And then entrance to the axis mundi
To do there what we please
Like contemplating my navel
Where I see a pensive Apollo
Listening to the Delphic Oracle who marked it.

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