Being Grateful

Being Grateful
by Halifax
the last word
Thank you, what-s-yer-face
for these made up words
the ones borrowed forever
strung together invisibly
Sanskrit scarecrow bricks
left out under the sun
never built such castles
Levi jeans flap drying
rock laundry fade indigo
clothesline fiber optics
light show powerhouses
straw hut tent peg pigs
clay feet know dances
but can’t carry a tune
something in there alone
someone there all alone
keeps time makes space
bundles words for free
so they can last forever
in other words, thanks
God gives everything
except gratitude
that is our currency
a medium of exchange
that flows only out
a cold fusion reaction
taken for granted
right here on earth
God takes everything
Accept gratitude
when offered freely
the rare pieces
are crumbs He owns
He will claim them
without asking
Accept gratitude
in His name
or He may take all
without notice
This is the truth
The beauty part
He never leaves you
well enough alone
It is a blessing
to hold for Him
thankless thanks
thank Him coming
thank Him going
and you are twice
made richer still
for His path winds
a knot around you
everlasting love
that in His wake
there clings heaven
A host you have been
to the eternal gift
Blessed be His name
so that you are kept
when dust is swept
aside to welcome Him
that’s what you have
left at the end
It is what outlasts want
without apologies
It is what need serves
and serves need
to a God of self-denial
that it is as you say
so said there in the word
as you say I am by so saying
there are words heard
in your hearing He is
or there is no sense
to confess it is so
It is everlasting life
extended as an offering
surrendered in kind
made worth saying more
with every word said
stringing you along
within the conversation
that will never end
so that no matter when
you’re always welcome
and owe it no one here

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  1. Sometimes i think there’s a million questions about life that we may or may not knowingly ask ourselves and form opinions which come down on some infinite spectrum of possibilities and then there are choices and actions which are birthed from these opinions and it shapes us, our experiences, gives insight or purpose or lack thereof of either. Sometimes i think there’s a ‘red area’ in the spectrum that may go against the grain of nature and cause turbulence and a lack of peace with Life. i don’t know. These are some of the things i think when reading this poem–even though it is perhaps way of subject or the purpose/feel of the poem. To me, much philosophizing about God and his nature and hence the nature of life/the world/and everything is a conundrum of hairpulling. It confuses me. But this author has some very acute rational skills and seems to know what he feels and can make some sense out of it all. Whether it is the destination of his belief or the road to a different one, it is at least a time capsule of sorts for what he thinks and in effect IS at this junture in his life. That’s a very difficult thing to achieve and to pursue. I applaud your courage to look for and find your own truth. Thx for sharing!

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