eview of James D Quinton's new book.

The City Is On Fire And Has Been For Weeks by James D Quinton
Explosive Books, 9780956782311 Available from Amazon
Review by Ben Macnair
Following the well-received Street Psalms James D Quinton returns with his new opus. It follows his development as a writer, poet and short story writer, from early work to later more developed ideas. So, we have the poems of relationships, of unsatisfactory jobs, but his lines and ideas are more concise, squeezing more restlessness into fewer words. Over the course of the collection’s 53 pieces we have an insight into life as a twenty/thirty something in Britain. It is full of uncertainty, of doubt, but there is also optimism, hope that things will improve. He is writing from a deep place, which means that this volume will still be worth a look in five or ten years, which is not always the case with collections of this type.

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