Even Among Such Beauty

Even Among Such Beauty
by Dan Raphael
bright sun      lush june      53 degrees
when you open all your windows and doors
            more goes out than comes in
the road passes through me without a ramp
     nothings visible at 60 miles per hour, at 24 hours a day,
I don’t need to know the history exploding in my engine
ice is forming on the tips of my wings
circling with a hunger for the cooked & packaged
no fur or bones, the only sound a pre-recorded sizzle
as all I digest stays close to the surface
raising colored flags like a race track
“caution”     “30% off”    “dial 1-800-fill-me-up”
 work my name into a love song w/ a snappy dance beat
      you’re so fine     you’re the mystery I want to be consumed by

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