a haiku about running late and not caring

a haiku about running late and not caring
by J. Claudius Cloyd
monarch butterfly
follow me to work and help
me drink orange sunshine
we will step over dead
dear on the side of the road
and our wings will walk
on the exhaust of
semi-trucks carrying sleep
which are marked wal-mart
and then you can leave
me when I get there and I
will let you forget
me on this dirty
dead road of pock-marked pavement

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  1. Haikool! Love the quick
    Hallucinagenic trek
    –wild and naked!
    If i may offer some interpretation to this event: You partied heavilly the night before and passed out at the botanical gardens to awake mid-morning and with your clothes missing. You hitchhike and a lady trucker in her early 50’s hauling merchandise for Wal-mart picks you up and makes a deal with you–some warm-ups, an Avengers T-shirt, and flip-flops in exchange for a quickie in the sleeper. You agree. It ends up being pretty enjoyable. She drops you off at work next to the orange cones where part of the road has been repaved. Suddenly you feel a connection with the old road underneath which is like you–beat up, seen some miles, and in need of a fresh start. And then you remember that your boss is on vacation in the Virgin Islands and won’t be back till next week. And the butterflies leave your stomach (along with last night’s gyro).
    Great read, man! Keep it coming!

      1. i liked the ‘highness’ and the ‘lowness’ contrasting in this piece mixing it together in a sublime run-of-the-mill life experience. To me, this speaks truth. Life is like that. But i disagree with Tarantino–i think you can write poetry on the computer. Did you write(type)this piece on the computer? No pressure. lol.

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