What We Miss

What We Miss
by Sarah Manguso
Who says it’s so easy to save a life? In the middle of an interview for
the job you might get you see the cat from the window of the seven-
teenth floor just as he’s crossing the street against traffic, just as
you’re answering a question about your worst character flaw and lying
that you are too careful. What if you keep seeing the cat at every
moment you are unable to save him? Failure is more like this than like
duels and marathons. Everything can be saved, and bad timing pre-
vents it. Every minute, you are answering the question and looking
out the window of the church to see your one great love blinded by
the glare, crossing the street, alone.

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  1. Life can look very fatalistic at times. …with each and every little episode ending in all the wrong ways. Born to epic fail, born to suck, born to get reamed. Interdependence can be a saving grace and yet another hurdle or test to make or break us. umm. they say pain and suffering adds character, but i think it just adds pain and suffering most times and i’m tired of polishing shit to make it look beautiful and donning the worn-out rose colored glasses. suckola. i hear ya, you’re not alone! thx for sharing!

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