Making Moves

Making Moves
by Madeline Levine
Six months now
I’ve tried my hand at life.
Safe steps across the board
Haven’t bothered to roll the dice.
Just work and music and you
With lies sprinkled between
And half-assed attempts at creativity
And thinking about thinking about school.
It’s like I know there’s something I wanted to be
It slipped my mind.
summer, again
Not Summer like I used to write
Back when it held more weight.
And You’re different
And I’m different
But We’re the same
The music’s the same.
I can’t remember what I was doing
Before I started doing life.
But I’m too busy doing
To let anything happen
To trade motion
For ocean
Would feel so right.
Won’t you join me?
Won’t you take me?
Lead me.
Tear at my seams.
I promise to unravel
Hit gravel
Let’s travel
I don’t care where
Just want to capitalize this Season
Do it up right:
Firelight and starlight and rough, blackened feet
Tangled limbs, sweaty sticking sand, cherries, though they’re not that great.
Enough sure footing
I want in over my head
Come October I promise to go back to good grammar
Find comfort in coffee and alarm clocks and cold.
But the music,
It stays the same.

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  1. mmm. this will stay with me. life can be so drab. i was just thinking and feeling this. …all the infinite cycles of tedious activity struggling with survival and worrying about it can take its toll. ocean ocean ocean. It’s good to read an outpouring of the heart confessional with sprinkling of rhyme. The music may stay the same but we can always change our dance! Thanks so much for sharing!

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