Lost Woody Guthrie novel to be published.

The author Douglas Brinkley and the actor Johnny Depp are teaming up to edit “House of Earth,” a previously unpublished novel by the folk singer Woody Guthrie that will be released next spring. Mr. Brinkley said in a telephone interview that the book would appear from “a major New York publisher,” but declined to specify which one before the deal was completed.
The manuscript, which Guthrie finished in 1947, follows a West Texas couple who, in their effort to build adobe homes as protection against treacherous weather, fight against banks and lumber companies.
Mr. Brinkley stumbled upon mention of the work while researching a piece about Bob Dylan for Rolling Stone. “As a Woody Guthrie fan, I didn’t know about this novel,” he said. “There are two great biographies” of Guthrie, by Ed Cray and Joe Klein, he added. “They’re fantastic, readable books, but ‘House of Earth’ isn’t talked about in them. I went on a hunt for it.”
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  1. This is somehow legit. Oh, it’s because James Franco isn’t involved. If James Franco was involved a massive Hipster/Punkster alert would activate millions of haters and they would slide down their stripper poles into their Audis brandishing Abercrombie Fitch espirit de corps ranting the lunacy of cultural correctness handing out citations to monkeyshiners, rubberneckers, and Red Hat Society bystanders!

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