Thank The Blinds

Thank The Blinds
by Dillon Mullenix
Don’t bother cracking the blinds
All you will find is the outside
And outside isn’t much here
You can walk to the store
But it is awful dreary
The weather is always foul in June
And July
And August
And so on
Trash is always in the streets
The gutters flood when it rains
Roads are slick with the blood of cars
Cancer is everywhere
Maybe today it won’t be so bad
Crack the blinds and have a look
Same old fucking freeway
Same old fucking houses
Same old fucking asphalt nothingness
Oh, I hate it
God take me away on your boat of energy
With Lyle Lovett and his pony
And let me sing to the stars
Give them praise for life
Make offerings of blood and grain
Holed up again like a squirrel in a trap
The dogs so close, barking
Hot saliva cast onto my face and whiskers
The sound deafening
You can feel yourself drift away into shock
Then you are on the ground dazed
In the dogs mouth
Being torn apart
You can hear all your bones snap
As the jaws work the teeth, crunch crunch crunch

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