Sticky Feasts Ought Not to be Second-rate

Sticky Feasts Ought Not to be Second-rate
by KJ Hannah Greenberg
Bad news to ascribe nefarious intent when accounting;
Simple incompetence often explains medical tests’ hyponyms.
“Expert” relationships need distance, also fairytale stitching.
Drop cloths, likewise, splattered with limited pastel palettes,
Posit more than run of the mill anxiety, if viscous, odorless,
Tasteless, water-soluble worries, made existent pro forma.
Consider that women, ever fiendish in their multi-tasking,
Frequently follow bottom feeders to compromising positions
Better to buy a book, purchase a ticket, chew through fast food.
In balance, certain girls, straight away, can fence off despicable gents,
Drain malevolence from its root, mix that drivel with purl-like words
Strained from generic bonds, Marxist glues, semi-liquid mental states.
Know; rendering creatures for adhesives makes for back aches, shin splints, heartburn.
Preferable to skin Swedes, denude onions, dice enough rutabagas to forgo bookbinding.
Lanceless picadors can effectively grieve the loss of loved ones, fart, end infatuations.
Sometimes, children entering amusement parks, upon viewing megacosters’ signs,
Believe they, too, can overcompensate for gravity by wishing, aloud, for world peace.
(Their grownups modeled imagination’s efficacy over practical solutions, skipped homework.)
Unattended, those kids read junk mail, lick bruises, sip lice infestations, deny rheumatism.
Young, mentorless, they drift degrees of lassitude, chemically harden at instantaneous joints.
Despite feline signposts, ferocious resins, glistening gels, precious unctures, many expire.
Realize, juveniles are trained to recite, from nursery: fur ranks superior among tactile sensations,
Produces’ main byproducts sit, stand, salute, in direct contention with social strictures,
Plus, vegetable gums, saliva, kinds of snot, form fixatives for the edgiest apertures.

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