Bill Murray Reads Wallace Stevens

On June 11th, Poets House hosted The 17th Annual Poetry Walk Across the Brooklyn Bridge. The event features readings of the poetry of Walt Whitman, Marianne Moore, Langston Hughes and other greats, all in order to raise funds for the New York City non-profit dedicated to cultivating a wider audience for poetry. And the event is regularly attended by the greatest cinematic supporter of Poets House, the actor Bill Murray.

0 thoughts on “Bill Murray Reads Wallace Stevens

  1. Damn good reading! Slow..deliberate..words stamped from voice to air..funnelled to my ears–just as it should. Not at all what i’d expect from a comedian. But everyone has their serious side. Sometimes there’s a challenge in taking a person seriously who you are used to seeing as hilariously funny. No problem here, though. Paul Reubens wouldn’t be able to pull this off! Great piece!

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