A Random Poetic of Dancing Monks Dubbel Ale at Scholz's Biergarten in Austin, Tx.

A Random Poetic of Dancing Monks Dubbel Ale at Scholz’s Biergarten in Austin, Tx.
by Quasimofo Snyder
a lone God particle embeds upon the uterine wall
of Mephisto’s Indonesian Hackers in a houdat hellbasket.
…Man rapes the earth and
ascends to the heavens
with grub worms covering his dick..
Dammit Ronquillo! Why’d you have to deflower
the Prime Minister’s 5 daughters during Ramadan!?!?
Now all my poems are tacked at-to the corky
tablui rasas of a 2nd rate furniture mart plaza.
My ass snores wooden bongs upon Scottish Rite
Theatre cushions dated 1871 as i spank-off
to 48 hour 7 minute shorts–their low-cut genes thread
helix hotchkiss and sharpie marking alan abercrombie’s
hypochondriants that wouldn’t tell ya even if they knew.
Sycophantoms are the brown one nosers running
thru webinars and spooking gravestones parked
in moony drive-in’s demure bombastics.
‘Folktronic’ is not hobos atop boxcars
laying down Arlo Guthrie to synth pop.
..There is the ‘he’ that eats pastrami
when there’s a ‘she’ that eats salami
in the case that HE
intiatates love when SHE uncovers if
Helen Keller ever had wild sex with Mark Twain.
i zip line past glowy eyed deer burger
that only run if they’re shot at.
Words may remain if there’s no pictures…
“Egotesticles”–the perfect name for our bowling team!

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  1. ah wowser! We went to Scholz’s Biergarten last night for some bratwurst and local beer(Dancing Monks) before taking in the 48 hour film competition at the Scotish Rite Theatre 4-5 blocks up. Quite an evening. I really loved the atmosphere and miss San Marcos/Austin and the Hill Country in general. There were some awesome film shorts at the screening and I hope to make it back there next month for the ‘best of’ although that will be held in a different place. Here’s a link to the project: http://www.48hourfilm.com/en/austin/
    All the films had this required elements:
    Character: Alan or Alana Abercrombie, Hypochondriac
    Prop: a marker
    Line: “Even if I knew, I wouldn’t tell you.”
    Thanks for the publication, H&H, and I’m glad the hackers didn’t wipe out everything.

    1. Ha! That scared the shit out of me when I heard they were Indonesian. I have H&H links on facebook, and indonesians are pretty liberal with the add friend button. If you meet one guy all his friends try to jump on board. Then there’s how I showed Cerebella’s asterisk poem in class a few times, and the girls at the catholic school I taught at found me on here. When one of them commented on Freedom Slash Victory I thought I was pretty much fired. Bitter nuns? Angry headmasters? The prime minister’s dna testing finally back from the lab? We have you to speculate.
      This takes me back to San Marcos skinny dipping, grain alcohol, running barefoot a mile and a half from San Marcos Hall en route to 711 and holding my jeans up as I Deon Sanders run past a group of guys who give me suspicious looks until I verbalize my lack of and urgent need for prophylactics. It was a big hit. Thanks as always Quasi, and let’s always practice safe sharing.

      1. lmao! Hey, you got it! I lead a double life so i know how things can get around. It was the Indonesian nuns who did the hacking i’ll bet. jk. i’d like to see the San Marcos story brought to life thru some flash fiction (no pun intended). I did see a condom dispenser in the bathroom at a convenience store in Lampasas of all places the other day. Whatever happened to the ever popular condom dispenser, eh? They are few and far between nowadays.
        We used to go to the beer barn in San Marcos that had sand volleyball courts and play in the evening. I’d come home drunker than shit and covered head to toe in sand. good times!

        1. It’s a magical city. The dorm actually did have condoms in the vending machines next to the chips and cokes, I found out later. That might actually work as flash fiction (grand pun), but I risk certain death by way of current girlfriend if I write it out, which only makes the concept more appealing.
          I asked an English friend yesterday if she’d ever heard of Shiner Bock. She laughed because a shiner is slang for blowjob. Rock and roll.

          1. Did you give that gal a Shiner, afterall? lol. I also saw this little ‘erotica kit’ alongside the condoms in dispenser that had Swedish massage oil, a tickler, ribbed condom, and something else i can’t quite remember–maybe some little illustration and instructional from the ‘Kama Sutra’. So very romantic!
            But yeah, you should risk certain death to write and publish this story of yours–i want to hear it! The gods want to hear it! later.

  2. There’s a reason I don’t use my real name. I disappeared myself preemptively with my Nom-nom so they can’t Lorca me away when I toddle off message. I teach kids and the people in charge take that business deadly serious.

    1. What’s up Seiser Kosay? Been missing ya since the t.l. affair. Hope all is well. But, yeah, do they call you ‘Lorca’? And do you live on the 2nd floor? The ultimate identify theft is when you find you’re not the person you thought you were.

      1. Yes I think you’ve seen me before. I gave up stares from you after having had it up to my eyeballs with robbing myself blind. That’s what I get for trying to keep it like a Keyser.
        TTFN to the timeline. I left it for Diaspora. Not a wise move maybe. I’ll probably come back at some point. Until then, tell them on the Abode that I said my staff quit and we all became snake oil salesmen pitching apples from upturned carts by the side of the road.
        Care for a shiny red one?

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