New photo of Emily Dickinson found.

A daguerreotype that Amherst College says depicts Emily Dickinson (near left) with a friend, Kate Scott Turner.

New photo of Emily Dickinson found.
The Amherst College Archives and Special Collections is now displaying a second daguerreotype that it says depicts Dickinson and her friend Kate Scott Turner, probably taken around 1859 on a visit to Amherst. The picture, purchased in 1995 by a collector who presented it to the college in 2007, was shown during an August conference of the Emily Dickinson International Society. The college says various tests, including the cross-referencing of fabrics seen in the photo and found in the textile collection of the Emily Dickinson Museum (as well as boring old computer scans), probably prove the image’s authenticity. Forestalling any skeptics who might say that the dress worn by Dickinson in the picture is out of date by 1850s standards, Amherst cites a letter she wrote to Abiah Root in 1854: “I’m so old fashioned, Darling, that all your friends would stare.”
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