backspace pace

backspace pace
by Oscar Smiles
gotta be something they gave me
turned away it dismayed me
backspace pace
watched me as i lost my head
sang a song led zeppy
clutch ignored
had all the promise
of a primrose walk
to the principal no talk
reached out and gauged it
betta believe i squawked
curry red yer shittin me
ginseng a song sang peppy
you’d love to ignore the table top
you can’t – it’s got stuffin stove top
can’t be rhetorican
when your love is the norm
and i think that it lonely
your mouth it conceals me
all i want from you is yesterday
all i want from you is this new laid look
this new frayed hook
can’t seem to put you back
this permanent perm
this manly manicure
sign language sand wedge
backspace pace sidewaysian
last thing you see in me
napalm reading made easy
backspace plenty
gotta be something they gave me
trout line of infamy
the day we left
and the bridges burned infirmaries
hold on fallen
hauled wrong time gatherings
turn tha f-in page
time to engage
it’s all tha rage
i backspace i pace
twisting and turning
femdom came yearning
discerning tries of meditation
all but love disappears
guts of impossible intake
gonna wanna attract you
fell down go boom i miss you
so much is the same
couldn’t remember
last time’s impossible
space and pace time irreversible
time has come too-back’s pacing half-even
should i half lieben
this permanent squirm
this outta there reachable half fibbing
backspace pace

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