Run the Bulls

Run the Bulls
by Dan Hedges
We can run the bulls with our cliché-hipster elbow patches of red ochre comprise, and accept the Valencian Oranges as a counter-balance to life’s austere moments. While the haunting tense sub-divides the ego in its own version of ‘divide and conquer’,
agrammatical humanimals levitate above plains of Cadmium Scarlet.

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  1. Colorful! i think this poem might indicate in some degree that we are a product of our surroundings…or at least heavilly influenced by them. Red ochre, Valencian orange, cadmium scarlet–soft and bright pigments and hues–they seem to swirl in my mind as i read this creating something energetic yet relaxed…impulsive but wise. a seeming contradiction. hmm. Our emotions mix within our life experience constantly–we are constantly evolving though we cannot forget our beginnings. Life is a unique hodgepodge of color that takes in from day 1. thx for sharing!

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