by Randall Nicholas
The little cloud that goes by all alone,
no other whiteness in the sky so far,
how delicate and vulnerable, ready
to shred and altogether disappear
just by a breeze restoring all to blue,
yet followed by another, yet another,
and more together following, so by
tomorrow storm and flood may come of one
so startling in its insignificance.

0 thoughts on “THE LITTLE CLOUD

  1. It’s good to see some metered poetry in everyday language! I enjoy how words and thoughts come together differently when iambic pentameter is used. I very much adore Berryman’s use of it in ‘The Dreamsongs’ where he also employs slang and vernacular.
    But a poem need not be crude to exhibit beauty. The subject matter and language here reminded me of naturalist haiku. I like how the poet compared and contrasted the progression of single clouds which are singular, seemingly weak, and at first glance a non-entity to the oncoming ‘storm and flood’ which would normally be more noticeable but in the poet’s sense of appreciation becomes the least significant of the two. Well done!

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