0 thoughts on “Losing Faith

  1. Yep. How could any God we might have faith in allow such a thing? I like the poem’s simplicity, its slim lines, the line breaks, and the distribution of the &s.

  2. (the distribution of &s?)
    (is that eddie?)
    got in an argument once (or twice) because what is faith and do i have it or is it just a made up human ideal. i was told i choose to have no faith because i’m negative. i just don’t have it and haven’t since around the time i was baptized maybe. it’s a thing, i think. things break. so i smell what you’re stepping in.
    dogs live for the right now, they don’t realize things. he would tell you he’s seen some shit but who cares and what’s for dinner. all at once is nature and if it isn’t there than it’s trying to tell you something.

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