by KJ Hannah Greenberg
Sticky brown resin, eldritch in viscosity, the stuff of twig-based cantilevers, presents
Like temporarily filling; it’s altogether less helpful than time swimming backyard passages.
Accordingly, we note public discourse lost saliency once filled with obstreperous rhetoric.
When trade winds swallow, whole, persons whose particular handicaps stagger angels,
Rather than compromise assembled worlds’ qualities, “ethical” divas elect, at days’ end,
Ample examples of social exophthalmoses, also luxuries infrequently awarded settlers.
There remain circulars boasting two-for-one admissions fees, other interesting diversions
Within nominal energy fields, especially those locals impervious to outside influences,
Such as hoodrats, wayfaring young maidens, winking elders, gibbering prime ministers.
Cultural ouroboroses, stipple from commonplace struggles while juxtaposing
Distasteful facets of celebrity against Frances Bacon’s claims about self-fulfillment;
World crises, domestic mess, twisted ribbons, bad hair days, cozy up, often, in contrast.
Those sorts are wont to dissect many a fish, leaving their viscera to dry stiff
Per textiles. Usury, here, becomes classified as containing unalterable variables,
Taking into account unmodifiable equations ordinarily distress baleen types.
Accordingly, “dawn” and “dusk,” those extraordinary temporal hyperhyms,
Rely on book smarts, wit, popularity contests, sometimes even wisdom,
Word stories work akin to stringing beads; color, shape, texture, color, shape.
Afterwards, gatekeepers’ peristalsis, those motions made famous with foraminas,
Enthrall folk to swallow finite numbers, beguile their ownership of infinite loops,
Bring forward, for selective adoption, other mute mathematical acquaintances.
Recall, wee girls’ ova contain, at birth, features full compliant with forming life.
Only new ideas, rarely newer organisms, generally require imaginative morsels.
Otherwise, cloth hewn from raw resin, then boiled with leaves, best serves tussets.

0 thoughts on “Picot

  1. Step back from this embroidery of nonsense and see a criticism of modern life: overblown rhetoric destroying meaning, consumerism supplanting intelligence, simplified mind-expansion cramping the imagination. Its mind-boggling.

  2. i like it a lot, espec’ last paragraph. i can’t say i know exactly what it means, mostly the concretes you know, like the words (with a special exception of the resin stuff of course)- so yeah, as far as that goes-mind boggling…but i will choose to leave it as an enigma ‘posted on flow and feeling’. that’s why it was put up as the editors pick.
    i like the balance of punk rock griminess meeting poise, unselfconsciously and effortlessly. i strive for that kinda shit. you never see a mix of both, one usually gobbles up the other and if you wanna get into numbers about it there’s never a perfect 50/50. here, i smell it. a friend of mine and i declared like this past spring how post modernity being all normalized these days should be totally taken advantage of and driven past whatever edge you want. there are no limits now, i totally feel this here presents that.

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