lovely's lovely

lovely’s lovely
by KJ Hays
hers is a golden gulch
of sweet, beefy pussy
mooing a love ditty of
milk choked wood pails
a loud honk sneaks from
her fist neatly clenching on
the meaty knot of her crotch
that likes high pressure
there will be enough
quiet to hear a sigh
escape her lips when
the husks betray the
ear to the big polished
checking the no box and the yes box
at the same time feels good while her fluid turns juice colors in the sun
now laid out
in the beauty of the dirt,
she holds a lantern at arm’s length
trying to decipher the writing on her walls
within her an old librarian sees everything from a swivel chair
she reads where pleasures have been chipped away by fingernail
there is no one outside to tell her
she goes too far inside herself
only she winces when the lantern bumps the edge of her fleshes
no hand rests on her back when the glassy swath of light strikes gold
the shuddering is long as a dark shaft digesting a few screaming men
no one ever checked out
any books from the librarian
the boredom left her plenty of time
to sit with her hands clasped politely inside of herself like Lovely arcing into the bristly grass
where the shitty cows stand around
chewing up fold after fold of earth

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  1. I think this is a fantasy induced by a woman who if she isn’t an “old librarian” feels like one, sedentary, bored, with nobody checking out her books. Yet with “no one outside to tell her she goes too far inside herself,” she awakens to a harshly different mind state at the end than at the beginning. Compare the first and last stanzas.

  2. My feeling and impression of this piece is that it’s about a woman who turns to masterbation to alleviate her lonliness and boredom and who essentially debases herself to the point where she loses her humanity and becomes more like a herd animal.
    The author makes 3 references in the first stanza to cows in regards to the woman’s sex organ, or ‘Lovely’. This evidences a degradation into the realm of the animalistic and could dually insinuate that the woman is large. The terse cacophonous adjectives used in the 1st four stanzas describing the woman’s style of pleasuring herself are not romanticized or spiritual, but rather explicitly hedonistic and vile–not even erotic.
    Stanzas 2 through 4 offer a graphic image of the masterbation act itself from the stimulation of the vagina and clit with fist in stanza 2 and escalating to the usage of sex-toys (vibrator or dildo) cropped amidst the labium as compared to agricultural items: corn–‘husks’, ‘ear’, and ‘polished scythes’. In stanza 4 the woman achieves orgasm and cums while ‘checking the no box’ (anus) ‘and the yes box’ (vagina, or Lovely).
    The 2nd half of the poem is post coitus and delves into the woman’s psyche and predicament. She has pleasured herself and having felt the passing euphoria, she now experiences her conscious (the librarian), and feels the inevitable emptiness that comes with the inadequacy of ‘quick fix’ pleasure. Masturbation has it’s time and place but essentially it is no substitute for love and for intercourse with a lover, the culmination of love. And the lover need not be a man, by the way.
    So in the end, this woman is condemned to an unnatural state and devolved into a base creature “where the shitty cows stand around chewing up fold after fold of earth.”
    Excellent read!

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