night breed

night breed
by Oswald James
my father told me
there is a different breed of people
that live only in the night
they mostly hang out around
parking garages
with breath like a New Orleans junk shop
pale skin and beady eyes
with a strict diet of
possum in a sewer sauce
most of them immigrate from
a city whose name is an acronym
for a public service
and disappear in the deep end of the image pool
at the first hint of dawn
beneath the busy streets
of the civilized world
of workers.

0 thoughts on “night breed

  1. i get a harrowing feel for this nocturnal ‘breed of people’ who have fallen off the grid, checked out, and reemerged under the cover of darkness. Funny how the image and setting of night sets such a mood. I’m reminded of Milton who said of the fallen angels–“Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven.”
    Thanks Mr. James–and good to hear from ya!

  2. Fine analysis, Quasimofo. Milton reference apropos. James’ description calls up rats at well, the way “the civilized world of workers” might view this “breed.”

    1. thx. ..Rats, good observation. i was thinking sloth vampires or the sort. lol. I’m a night-owl myself but mainly cause i do the nightshift. Even working, being awake all night is still unnatural and has its repercussions (like screwed up sleep and being limited in interacting with family/society). So during the day we have the ‘rat race’, and at night we have the ‘night breed’–either way we’re rats? jk.

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