Many Great Films

Many Great Films
by Smokey Farris
Many great films
Includes scenes filmed
At midnight
During a phone call
Causing her to sit up in
Bed not unlike
Turnips sprouting
Green whiskers
In ankle breaking dirt clods.

0 thoughts on “Many Great Films

  1. Ah, it’s good to see some more Smokey Farris. I enjoyed his poem in the last H & H print issue.
    I enjoyed the simplicity of this piece from the same title/first line to the one metaphor which compares a woman to a turnip…and yes, the action of sitting up in the middle of the night with some apparently bad enough news to be likened to a vegetable sprouting in ‘ankle breaking dirt clods’. ouch! I guess really there were two metaphors with line 8’s ‘Green whiskers’ imagining sprouts which look like a feline’s whiskers. Clever!
    The form too is appeasing with short lines all breathed in a single sentence. Many contemporary poets disapprove of capitalizing the beginning of each line thinking it too archaic, i guess, but i like it occasionally. Though i often find myself taking the first capitalized letter of each line and moving down attempting to find a hidden word. lol.
    In any case, good read!

  2. Oh, i just thought of something. Even though it’s but an academic point, would the comparison of the woman sitting up in bed with a turnip sprouting green whiskers actually be considered a simile instead of a metaphor because it uses the word ‘like’ in a sense: “…Causing her to sit up in/ Bed not unlike/Turnips sprouting…”? Hmm. i vote simile. lmao!

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